Chisimba Installer
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Welcome to Chisimba

Welcome to the Chisimba installer. This installer is designed to help you configure a fresh download of Chisimba, and install necessary data into the system.

Introduction to Chisimba

Chisimba is a Web 2.0 enabled rapid application development framework for creating web applications that are platform independent, browser independent, xHTML compliant, and can use a number of common databases. Chisimba is written in PHP5 using the model-view-controller paradigm, implemented via a modular architecture.
Over 100 modules of functionality are already available and these can be used out of the box to create a Content Management System, a feature-rich e-learning platform, a group-based collaboration platform, a blogging system that allows posting from mobile phones, and many other applications.

If at any time during installation you require help with an item, hover your mouse over the nearest help icon. This will give you additional information about the selected topic.